Wiki, meet notebook

Your open source external brain

tiddlyroam is a notetaking app for collecting and connecting your thoughts.


Reveals the connections between your notes


tiddlyroam is a single html file

Own your data

No cloud, complete privacy

Open source

Free in every way, forever


Built on a highly customisable framework


Use on Mac, Windows, Linux or even mobile

What tiddlyroam does

Quickly create your own personal wiki

Add fragments of thoughts and findings whenever they come to you. TiddlyRoam will link them and help you spot the patterns.

What makes tiddlyroam tick

Bi-directional links

Bi-directional links allow you to see not just all the pages that a page links to, but also all pages that link to it.

+ Graph maps

Graph maps visualise all the pages you have made and how they link together.

= Networked thought

The combination leads to what Roam calls ‘networked thought’. This is best explained by a tiddlyroam user:

"it's like having a second brain."

Zero to tiddlyroam hero


  1. Download tiddlyroam.html
  2. Download TiddlyDesktop
  3. Open tiddlyroam.html in TiddlyDesktop

Yes, it is that easy.

Level up your external brain

Featured tutorials

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For TiddlyWiki users

Transitioning to tiddlyroam with the plugin

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Write notes in tiddlyroam in less than two minutes.

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Extending tiddlyroam

Got the basics? Set up tiddlyroam on mobile.

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built by people like you and me.

tiddlyroam is an open source project. Our community supports new users, request new features and fix any cracks.